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Empowering a Generation to Shine Bright

Workplace Essentials and Beyond

WEAB is a nonprofit organization devoted to developing a brighter future to economically disadvantaged and disabled youth by empowering, equipping and developing them for the workplace and beyond by providing career readiness tools to help them lead self-sufficient, successful, and independent lives.

Nine out of ten employers report that they need employees with soft skills. Invest in yourself with WEAB’s Career Readiness Bootcamp. Learn how to write a well-crafted resume, effective communication skills, tools for planning, organization, and productivity, critical thinking and decision-making, collaborative teamwork, self-care, and even conduct a mock interview—precisely the skills and tools you need to step up your game to stand out in any job.

Why Workplace Readiness
is Needed?

About WEAB

To provide all students with the support and training they need to begin a successful and sustainable career so they can shine bright.

Our Vision

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See how you can help our students access the opportunities they need to achieve their potential.

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Please consider making an investment in the future of our young people. Your donation will help us provide student-centered competency-based academic preparation to ensure their readiness for the work place.

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