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WEAB Programs

Every young person has the right to a future of opportunity. Today’s youth will ultimately shape the future our communities. Its up to us to support and encourage their healthy development, and to ensure they are equipped to sustain a brighter tomorrow. The Workplace Essentials & Beyond provides educational, mentoring, and community programs to support young people’s success at school, in the community, and work. We work with schools, communities and other local partners to empower young people to transition successfully into adulthood and the world of work.


Career Readiness Bootcamp

8 weeks - Career Readiness Full Courses

6 weeks - Career Readiness Boot Camp

Learn how to write a well-crafted resume, effective communication skills, tools for planning, organization, and productivity, critical thinking and decision-making, collaborative teamwork, self-care, and even conduct a mock interview—precisely the skills and tools you need to step up your game to stand out in any job.



Course fee: $279*. – , 8 weeks. – Career Readiness Full Courses


Course fee: $199*. – , 6 weeks – Career Readiness Boot Camp Courses, 6 weeks

Dream, Believe, Achieve Vision Board Workshop

2 hours -$70

Students need an immersive opportunity to discover their intention and create consistent action. When students surround themselves with pictures of what they  would like to have, what they would like to be, or of things they would like to do, their life is more likely to become what they want it to be. 

  • All materials are included to create the goal board.

  • Will learn how to create SMART goals and how to accomplish those goals and track their measurement.

  • Expanded thinking through a relaxation exercise.

  • All Students will present their boards to their peers and solicit for an accountability partner in the room.

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*Scholarships available - If you require scholarship assistance, after completing your registration, please contact the WEAB office via email to discuss your need your needs at

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